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Grow in Your Career

You have a financial advisor for your money, a personal trainer for your physical health, you also need a career coach to maximize your chances of reaching your professional success goals.

Do you want an increase in pay? Do you want to advance a step up in your career progression? Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start with a new company or a new industry altogether?

Devicore’s certified career coaches are here to put you on the road to success.


Your Dream Job

Do you want an increase in pay? Do you want to advance a step up in your career progression? Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start with a new company or a new industry altogether?

To make these dreams a reality, having a powerful, keyword-driven resume is crucial. At Devicore, our team of certified professional resume writers have helped thousands of people like you upgrade their resumes and their life.

Make Yourself Stand Out


Your career coach is focused on you and only you, allowing for powerful and constructive interactions that will remain between the two of you. We want you to feel as comfortable possible to guarantee personal growth. 

Boosted Odds

Our career coaches put you in a position to succeed by helping you get and prepare for interviews, navigating job offers, advising you on negotiation strategy and more. This is the ultimate way to boost your odds in the job market. 

Your Schedule

When you sign up to work with one of our career coaches, they will work with you on YOUR schedule, giving you the most flexibility possible to get ahead on your next professional pursuit.

10+ years of coaching experience

Emilie Carlino, 

Executive Career Coach

Emilie Carlino is a workforce development professional who comes to Devicore with a Masters in Education along with additional certifications and specialized training in Emotional Intelligence and leadership development. She has over 10 years experience helping people build their careers. Whether you want to get unstuck in your current job, or explore something completely new, she is here to help with your career transition and job search strategy.

Real professionals. Real Results.

Career coaching services

Gain an advantage on your competition! 

A career coach will give you an outsider's perspective on your career journey. They can help you see things that you might not be able to see for yourself, and they can provide valuable insights and advice. So if you're feeling lost in your job search, consider hiring a career coach. It could be the best decision you ever make.

✅ Confidential

✅ Tailored to Your Needs

✅ Interview preparation

✅ Based on Your Schedule

✅ Varied package sizes

✅ Negotiation practice

Career Coaching FAQs

What’s the Process Like?

If you’re interested in career coaching, you can either sign up for a free 15-minute consultation at this link, or you can email info@devicore.com to get you started. After your consultation, you can decide if you’d like to continue the process.

Packages with Other Services?

Yes, you can package career coaching with other Devicore services including resume/cover letter/cv writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and more! To find out how, send an email to info@devicore.com


Our team has certifications from organizations such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and the National Resume Writers Association,

When you work with Devicore, you’re working with the best in the industry. 

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